Tree Services

Orang-Otang Tree Trimmers is a well known, highly respected business that has been operating for over 15 years in and around North NZ. We have experienced, qualified arborists, logging crews and experienced machine operators who pride themselves on following strict professional working guidelines, efficient work practices and outstanding tree-care.

Tree Pruning

As a tree matures it is completely natural for it to produce dead and dying wood. We remove dead, dying and diseased branches throughout the crown using a process called dead wooding.
The purpose of this process is to make the impact area (directly beneath the tree’s canopy) a safer environment to be in and reducing the chances of any dead limbs falling to the ground and causing injury or damage.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning should be done at the same time as any pruning operation, any crossing, rubbing or damaged branches will also be removed.

Crown Thinning

This practise involves the selective removal of some inner and outer branches throughout the tree’s crown. This is an effective method of allowing light and wind to travel throughout the canopy. The tree can be reduced by thinning and the stability of the larger limbs improved by removing some of the foliage.

Tree Felling

Most of the time, when a tree needs to be safely removed it will be dismantled in sections. This involves the tree being climbed and taken down piece-by-piece in a safe manner. This can be a technical operation and involve rigging ropes to bring the tree down safely and ensure no structures are damaged.

Whether a simple, straight forward tree removal, or, complex removal requiring the use of rigging, our arborists are highly-experienced professionals who are very well equipped to remove your trees properly, efficiently and safely, no matter where it is located.

Not sure if the Tree needs to be removed?

Tree removal is a last resort and there are certain circumstances when it is not necessary. Our arborists can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed.


Our substantial investment in wood chippers means that we can convert vast quantities of whole trees, branches and hedge prunnings into woodchips and mulch.

Recycling Wood

Orang-Otang Tree Trimmers do not use landfill sites and estimate that we actually recycle 95% of all debris.

We try to recycle as much of our off-cuts as possible, all leaves and smaller branches are chipped and reused as mulch. Larger branches and limbs are used as firewood.  And any salvageable wood that is good enough is used to create the furniture.

Have Pruning, Felling, Clearing, Milling and Furniture Needs?