Tree Care Services Northland & North Auckland

Orang-Otang Tree Trimmers are tree care specialists that offer a variety of services to the residential, commercial and council sectors. As a team of highly trained and skilled professionals, we offer the highest level of tree surgery and modern tree care throughout Northland as well as North Auckland.

These services include:

Land Clearing

Tree Felling

Tree Trimming

Stump Grinding

Tree Pruning

Hedge Trimming

Emergency storm work


Mulch Supply

Custom Milling


Storm Response Services

Every tree is unique, because of this each tree will require specific care and maintenance to ensure it’s health and beauty will last as long as possible. Different environments and requirements mean that each customer’s needs will be designed specifically to obtain the best results.

The three sectors are:

Residential Tree Care

Commercial Tree Care

Council – Local Authority Tree Care

Have Tree Pruning, Felling, and Clearing Needs?