Our Vision

We have a strong vision when it comes to our business. We can proudly say that nothing goes to waste.


Our Orang-Otang Tree Trimmers division has been in operation for over 15 years employing over 20 experienced staff members we still consider ourselves a family owned and operated business.  Our policy is… you are our policy.  Our clients are our number one priority and we strive to achieve customer satisfaction with every job, with health and safety being a top priority and leaving your site as tidy as possible.  We have highly skilled arborists, logging crews and machine operators which allows us to diversify into every aspect of tree removal.  From your backyard residential pruning to your larger scaled land clearance and logging jobs, there is nothing we are not equipped to do.

Because our wood is supplied by our Orang-Otang Tree Trimmers business and processed by our Orang-Otang Sawmill it means we can utilise every aspect of the tree so there is absolutely no wastage. This allows us not only to deliver some unique and beautiful custom made furniture but also supply the market with some of New Zealand’s finest Macrocarpa/Wood, right from our back yard.


Our Mahoe Sawmill allows us to custom-mill to your requirements.


Select from product range or enquire about our custom made furntiure.  We also custom mill to your requirements ask us for a free no obligation quote today.


The hydraulic lift and fall means it is quick and easy to change sizes as we cut, to maximise conversion.


Taper cut means it is very quick to set-up logs, and helps us to get the best timber out.


Our slabber attachment allows us to give a smooth and accurate finish.


Enquire now for a free no obligation quote.

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