Tree Services

Orang-Otang Tree Trimmers is a well known, highly respected business that has been operating since 2008 in and around North Auckland and Northland.

We have a highly experienced, skilled and qualified team including arborists, tree fallers and machine operators who all pride themselves on following strict professional working guidelines, efficient work practices and outstanding tree services.

Orang-Otang are tree specialists that offer professional tree work services throughout the North.

Each job is unique, with different environments and requirements meaning that each customer’s needs will be designed to obtain the best results.

See us for:

  • Land clearing
  • Tree Felling/Removal
  • Shelterbelt Removal
  • Forestry Clean-up
  • Storm Clean-up
  • Lifestyle Block and Farm Tree Removal/Heavy Reduction
  • Infrastructure Tree Work
  • Subdivision Tree Removal
  • Chipping
  • Stump Grinding
  • Mulch Sales

We have the equipment to deal with all your land clearing needs – subdivision clearing, lifestyle blocks, farming, forestry cleanup and more.

We have the experience, knowledge, skills and gear to remove your large trees safely.  Whether they are felled or climbed, rigged and dismantled or digger assisted we have you covered!

A simple, straight forward tree removal, shelterbelt removal, or, complex removal requiring the use of rigging, our team are highly experienced professionals who are very well equipped to remove your trees properly, efficiently and safely. 

Our wood chippers are excellent at converting vast quantities of whole trees and branches into wood chip and mulch.

Whether you have one stump to grind or an entire site riddled with stumps, we have the equipment to remove them.

Stump grinding is done with the use of a cutting wheel that moves back and forth across its surface, chewing it into chip-sized pieces.

After Stump Grinding is finished, a mound approximately three times the size of the stump remains. This material is left on site for your use.

At Orang-Otang Tree Trimmers we estimate that we recycle approximately 95% of all debris.

We try to recycle as much of our off-cuts as possible, leaves and smaller branches are chipped and reused as mulch.

Larger branches and limbs are also chipped or used as firewood.



Have Tree Felling, Clearing or Stump Grinding Needs?